Waste management has over the last century been on top of most countries’ watch list. Several programs have been put in place by stakeholders both in the private and public sectors. The waste removal programs have been initiated by players such as the councilsindividual environmentalists, as well as garbage removal/recycling companies.

Want to start a blog, huh? Great idea! People say blogging is a mix of Science and Art. This may imply that there is no particular approach to blogging however, there’s an approach you will learn today to fast track the blogging process. A number of bloggers have tried to share their success stories and the dos’ and don's' in blogging. An outline of what you need to get started as a blogger is summarized below.

Anyone can become a “blogger” either for monetary gains or fun. However, for you to want to be a professional blogger means you wish to make a living out of blogging. According to some bloggers, making cash blogging could be your biggest nightmare in case you need fast returns. The hard truth is that you will only make money out of blogging after acquiring a decent audience. Therefore, readers first, money later is a good start off mindset. To equip you with basics on how to successfully become a travel blogger, some points to note include:

Everyone is talking about climate change. We have been hearing about global warming for quite a few years now and the talks are getting ever so persistent. And recently weathermen have come up on the news to speak about the climate change again, and considering the bipolar weather we are getting in Europe, people are starting to listen. Climate change is a result of many factors, and not all of them are connected to seasons and the planet’s revolving around the sun. Pollution often has its say, but is it a reason for all the changes in the weather? And if so, what does that mean for the future.